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Sustainability, environmental awareness and Business Ethics






Sustainability for the next generation.


Sustainability is an important issue within our corporate philosophy.

As an environmental partner of the "Hansestadt" Hamburg our company has been "Ökoprofit" certified for many years.




With the investment of the last years we were

able to reduce our CO²-Emission by roughly 40%!



2011 – Member of ››RSPO‹‹ (Round Table on Sustainable Palmoil)

Since 2011 we are an ordinary member of the RSPO and purchase all palm oil products in segregated (SG) or mass balance (MB) quality.


2011 - installation of a block heating station

Besides our efforts in sustainable raw materials, we invested into a heat-controlled CHP plant in 2011. 
This investment gives us the opportunity to produce heat for various internal processes such as the actual heating of our facilities. 
With absorption refrigeration systems, occurring heat is additionally converted into chilled water which is used for cooling storage areas as well as our production lines.  
Electricity produced during this process is used for internal operations. In overall, we reduced our CO₂ emissions by around 40%.

2012 – certified to use sustainably cultivated cocoa

Since 2012 we are officially approved to use UTZ certified cocoa.
During the same year we became founding member of the forum for sustainable cocoa (Forum für nachhaltigen Kakao) in Germany.


2015 – Switch from RSPO MB to SG

Since 2011 we purchase our Palmoil demand at the level of RSPO SG .

Palm derivates, & -fractions due to supply shortage were purchased as RSPO MB.

We have now started to consecutively switch all remaining palm based products to SG. 

2016 – Extension of UTZ Certificate to Hazelnuts

Since 2012 we were offering our customers the opportunity to have their cocoa products UTZ certified.

End of 2016 we extended our license to be able to also offer UTZ certified Hazelnuts in Mass Balance.

2017 – License for UTZ Coffee

Products such as Coffee brittle or Mocha paste ar now also available as UTZ certified.

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