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Since 1952 in the north of Hamburg at home


back then as well as today

commited to taste.

A short look at our historical roots.

On July 1st 1952 Kurt Jancke, the father of today's owners, Reinhard and Harald Jancke, founded his own company in the heart of Hamburg.  He previously worked as a manager of a small chocolate factory where he gained experience in the industry. The beginning of our company was tough with rented premises of just around 100m², no adequate machinery and no financial support. However, ideas for more were always there! Initially “Jancke” produced compound coatings and later vermicelli chocolate and plain quality chocolate strands. In 1967 Reinhard Jancke took over the company and renamed it into "Reinhard Jancke - Backmittelfabrik" (baking agents factory). Additional premises were constantly rented and the company’s product range expanded with the production of creams, pastes, flavors, roasted nuts and finally crocant/brittle.

In 1976 Harald Jancke joined the company as an equal partner for the business administration part and the company was renamed „Gebr. Jancke OHG" and finally "Gebr. Jancke GmbH". In 1978 the company moved to the north of Hamburg, into large, modern facilities of at that time enormous 1.000 m².

For now, the space provided was believed to be sufficient for our future needs. But luckily, there was no limit for the company’s constant and healthy expansion and thus it became inevitable to think in bigger dimensions.

The erection of an entirely new factory, with state-of-the-art technology and a generous alignment of space meeting the highest expectations and demands.


Our very first car pool

Reinhard Jancke setting up new equipment


First dragée production line

"Gebrüder Jancke" Reinhard and Harald

1952   - The Company was founded

The company was founded 1952 in Hamburg by Kurt Jancke, father of Reinhard and Harald.

1955   - Relocation

In 1955 the company moved to a small backyard at the Forsmannstrasse in Hamburg-Winterhude.

1967   - The ››Reinhard Jancke - Backmittelfabrik‹‹ was founded

1967 Reinhard Jancke became owner of the company and re-named it into "Reinhard Jancke – Backmittel Fabrik".

1976   - Die ››Gebrüder Jancke GmbH‹‹ was founded.

1976 his brother Harald Jancke became equal partner, the "Gebr. Jancke GmbH" was founded.

1978   - Relocation

1978 Gebr. Jancke moved into much bigger premises to Hamburg-Langenhorn.

2001  - further expansion

In order to fulfill highest standards an entirely new plant was built across the street in 2001.

2009  - Process of succession

Sebastian Jancke and Rainer Vent joined the family business 2009 as successor to the CEO’s.

2014  - A New Generation

Rainer Vent was appointed as managing director in 2011, Sebastian Jancke in 2014.